Achieve is an outcome oriented and results driven workshop, designed specifically for those who are motivated and determined to achieve their goals, but need further guidance, tools and techniques to push through their challenges to achieve a higher level of success.

Using a proven step-by-step methodology for achieving personal and professional growth, Achieve focusses on providing participants with repeatable tools and troubleshooting techniques that will enable them to sustain their momentum and continue thriving post workshop.

 Utilising the Alisa Camplin Goal Planning TM methodology, Achieve drives each participant to not just set a goal, but also ask themselves why they must achieve that goal, and then put the framework in place to maximise their likelihood of success.  Focusing on the attributes required to achieve their desired outcome, participants will also learn how to predict potential roadblocks, distractions and obstacles that may prevent them from reaching their goal, and how they can mitigate these risks to stay on track.  Drawing from positive psychology research, Achieve helps participants to build a high performance positive mindset and reach a new level of personal and professional capability.  

Achieve is an interactive and experiential full day workshop, typically run for either large groups or scaled down to achieve an intensive, small group experience for an audience of 12-18 people.  Each Achieve participant will develop, monitor and action a plan to achieve a personal or professional goal, as well as learn the skills required to adapt their plan, which will improve overall goal setting capabilities, personal accountability and resilience.   Achieve focuses on the areas of:

  • Fixed vs Growth Mindset
  • Wants verses Needs and the importance of Prioritising
  • Identifying and Articulating your Goal
  • Defining your Why
  • Building your Goal Planner
  • Setting up your Support Structure
  • Predicting & Averting Derailment Factors
  • Risk Mitigation & Scenario Planning
  • Self Coaching for ongoing Success

Participants who have completed the Achieve workshop discover an increased level of self belief, motivation and personal commitment and feel re-energised and ready to really go after the things they want most in their life.