Inner Strength empowers and arms participants with the practical skills and inner strength required to both face and overcome adversity in all areas of life.  With an emphasis on mindset and managing the controllables, Inner Strength teaches resilience as a skill that allows participants to minimise distractions, navigate challenges and stay focused on what’s most important to them.  

Not to be confused with being ‘broken’ or needing to be ‘fixed’, resiliency is a capability that can be learned and used by everyone.  However, most people have not been exposed to the key learnings and processes required to build resilience, and this is where Inner Strength closes the gap.

Inner Strength
 is designed for people who currently feel held back, who are not performing to their full ability, who are facing the same limitations over and over again, and need a proven method for adapting, reframing and growing through change and challenge.  Alternatively, if you are good at what you do but want more control, happiness and direction in your life, or simply want to be a more effective leader, then Inner Strength is a workshop you cannot ignore.

Run as an interactive, self-reflective and experiential full day workshop, Inner Strength can be delivered for large groups or scaled down for a small intensive group experience (12-18 people).  Participants are taught a variety of proactive and repeatable techniques to build, improve or enhance their resilience, including:

  • Key attributes of the Resilient
  • Sports Psychology for Everyday Life
  • Improving your Quality of Self Talk
  • Process vs Outcome
  • Framing and Reshaping
  • Positive/Negative Influencers
  • Mindfulness

Inner Strength participants learn to successfully identify and then overcome self-sabotaging behaviours, as well as manage emotions, perspective and energy in order to create a stronger, more confident and sustainable self. 

Inner Strength