The GROWTH Program

A Personal & Professional Development Course

With a practical hands on approach, Alisa Camplin’s highly coveted Training and Development Program GROWTH, helps individuals, teams and organisations to find clarity in their pursuits, to implement and hold themselves accountable to a plan, and develop the tools, techniques and mindset required to navigate the ups and downs of achieving and sustaining success in a high performance business environment and in life.
A practical and enriching personal and professional development experience, GROWTH program participants will feel more empowered, motivated and confident to achieve their future personal and professional goals.  They will be equipped to:

  • Take ownership for their own personal and professional growth
  • Achieve personal/professional goals using a structured and repeatable process (utilising the Alisa Camplin Goal Planning TM methodology)
  • Navigate obstacles, challenges and setbacks (viewing these encounters as opportunities for further learning) to stay on track, adapt and evolve
  • Elevate their capabilities in goal planning, resilience, high performance techniques, self management, personal accountability and positive psychology
  • Understand, develop and regularly use skills, tools, techniques and a mindset that leads to a greater level of success
  • Better understand themselves, including their values, strengths, weakness, desires, motivation, mindset and priorities in order to succeed holistically
  • Proactively ask for support and provide greater support to those around them

 Every GROWTH program is unique, often specifically tailored to reflect and meet an organisations culture and performance objectives.  A GROWTH program is typically 6 to 8 modules in length and generally flows over a 6-12 month period.  An example GROWTH program is articulated below: 

Personal objectives for each GROWTH program participant and an intensive goal planning focus are established in an initial two day back to back session for modules 1 & 2.  From there, future modules follow a process of:

  • Progress follow up, self assessment and personal learnings incorporating both individual reflections and group learning/sharing
  • Alisa Camplin Goal Planning TM - tracking, tuning and achievement of participant goals
  • Trouble shooting and resolving situational or skills/experience roadblocks
  • Introduction of new skills & techniques to build additional life and high performance personal/professional capabilities
  • Holistic Success – overall self/life management
  • Out of session activities and progressions to improve independent learning and personal commitment

All participants will develop, monitor and action a plan to achieve personal and professional goals over the term of the program using the Alisa Camplin Goal Planning TM methodology, as well as building their capabilities in self-awareness, self management and resiliency.  All GROWTH program participants can expect to be supported in an open, honest and respectful environment, with an appropriate level of individual focus and shared learning factored into the program.    

GROWTH program participants will develop a love for the process of learning, growing and achieving that they can draw upon for the rest of their lives.Type your paragraph here.

Module 1: Understanding You
“Understanding You” introduces participants to the overall objectives of the program and eases participants into an open, honest and safe personal learning and development process.  By first understanding ones’ self, participants discover their platform and desire for future growth and elevated holistic success.

Module 2: Developmental Planning
“Developmental Planning” transitions participants from self understanding and renewed thirst for growth, to an outcome oriented self motivated focus on goal planning and achievement.  Using a proven step by step methodology for personal/professional growth, participants will identify, clearly define and then track their goals and action plans through to completion over the course of the program.  Participants will learn how to predict and manage through common challenges and setbacks to both enjoy and thrive in the process of directing their own success.

Module 3: Staying on Track
“Staying on Track” acquaints participants with essential tools and techniques for honing their goal planning expertise.  The group will “barrier-bust” through individual participant stop signs and challenges to broaden collective adaptability and problem solving capability before tuning their plans for expected future success. Participant progress, growth and success are considered holistically with additional elements for overall life happiness introduced.

Module 4: Resilience - Directing your Destiny
“Resilience – Directing your Destiny” proactively empowers and arms participants with the practical skills and inner strength required to both face and overcome adversity.  With a program emphasis on growth, holistic success and achieving their stated personal/professional goals, participants will utilise resilience techniques to work through internal/external challenges and towards their high performance self.

Module 5: Becoming a High Performer
“Becoming a High Performer” maintains emphasis on goal planning, achievement and holistic success while drawing participant attention to the skills, behaviors, and expertise of high performing individuals in other fields of pursuit/work.  Participants will learn high performance techniques that will elevate their understanding, capability and dedication to achieving their own goals while raising their personal belief and expectations for their future self.

Module 6: Self Coaching for Ongoing Success
“Self Coaching for Ongoing Success” ensures participants recognise, acknowledge and embrace program learnings, so they can continue building their own capability, motivation and likelihood for future success beyond the programs completion.  The link between regular self coaching and the ability to thrive and enjoy the process of learning, growing and achieving is highlighted, as participants create an integration roadmap for embedding their new capabilities into their personal and professional post program environments.   Participants will finish the program building a personal affirmation statement that outlines their enhanced capabilities and self belief in their ability to continue growing and achieving, as well as completing a short program evaluation.

Alisa Camplin OAM