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Welcome to 'Think Well'

Updated: Jan 28

Olympian and AIA Vitality ambassador Alisa Camplin introduces one of our key pillars: ‘think well’, because mental wellbeing is vital to maintaining a healthy, happy life.

Welcome to ‘think well’, OneLife’s commitment to enhancing every Australian’s mental wellbeing. This is where we’ll share empowering ideas and information that will help you respond better to life’s complexities, develop a stronger mindset and improve your capacity to create positive change from within.

‘Think well’ is about reality, but it’s also about perspective. It's about the lens through which you choose to view the highs and the lows, the difficulties and the successes, the things you can and can’t control in life. It’s about enriching your natural capabilities with tools and techniques so you can appreciate joy and opportunity but also positively respond to the challenges and demands that come your way. It’s about not only knowing that a better way of thinking exists, but actively choosing it.

I’m an AIA Vitality ambassador, overseeing OneLife's ‘think well’ section, and as well as being a former Olympic athlete and ex-senior executive for IBM, I’m also a time-poor working mum with two young kids and my own business. Like so many others, I’m constantly under pressure trying to balance the increasing demands of a career and personal commitments, and I’m certainly not perfect. I’ve had to find plenty of ways to slow down, solve problems and ask for support over the years. So I’m a passionate supporter of anyone striving to achieve their full potential, because it’s hard and it takes courage. I work in the realm of mental wellbeing as a Resilience and High Performance Consultant, and something I’ve learned through evidence-based research – particularly in the areas of positive psychology, resilience, and mindfulness – is that we all have the ability to assert greater control over our lives and our emotions.

Understanding the small changes and simple techniques you can use to better manage your opportunities and challenges can help you find calm in the chaotic form that life sometimes takes.

In my role as a ‘think well’ ambassador, I will focus on what I believe are the five key building blocks of mental wellbeing.

Resilience, and the ability to ‘bounce forward’; the interpersonal support systems that forms our connectivity; assigning meaning to moments with mindfulness; stimulating personal growth through goal achievement, and asking for help if you’re struggling with mental health.

Every person, no matter where you are on your life journey, can create meaningful change. Change that takes you one step closer to who you want to be and where you want to go. To harness our thoughts, slow down more often, notice the good and connect more deeply with others.

‘Think well’ is about moving yourself from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat in your life – and enjoying the ride too.

Originally published at www.onelife.aiavitality.com.au on May 27, 2017.

Alisa Camplin is an Olympic Gold Medalist, in-demand Keynote Speaker, Corporate Ambassador, and Human Performance Consultant who delivers results-driven Resilience and Human Performance Training and Development Programs. Connect with Alisa.

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