Be Elite

- A High Performance Workshop

Be Elite is designed for high performers who strive to achieve a “worlds best” standard in their chosen field, or for those who may have plateaued at their current level and know that they are capable of much more. Tried and tested, Be Elite creates a safe environment in which to learn and experience that last 10% of what it takes to become and remain truly elite.


With a strong emphasis on performance psychology, attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence, Be Elite introduces all participants to the attributes, behaviours, and expertise of high performing individuals in other fields of pursuit/work. Working with the Alisa Camplin High Performance Framework participants will learn performance techniques that will elevate their capability and dedication to achieving their own goals, while raising their personal belief and expectations for their future self.  


Be Elite is a practical 2-day workshop focused on repeatable and sustainable success, and can be tailored to meet any organisations high performance objectives. Participants who experience the Be Elite workshop will learn how to recognise and on-board the attributes of elite performers, and enjoy the process of achieving their ultimate potential.  


Run for either large or small groups, core elements of  Be Elite include: 

  • Understanding High Performance

  • Identifying and Closing your gaps to sustainable repeatable High Performance

  • Implementing Elite Fundamentals

  • Goal Planning and Accountability

  • Sports Psychology for Success

  • Focus, Habits and Productivity

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Holistic Success


The Be Elite workshop gives participants a strong insight into what it takes to be elite, and the skills and techniques required to elevate and sustain themselves at this level.  Armed with the readiness and conviction to pursue, achieve and maintain elite standards and behaviours, Be Elite participants will increasingly differentiate themselves in both business and life.        

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