Keynote Speaker & Olympic Gold Medalist

Resilience, Wellbeing, & High Performance

Mental Health Advocate

Alisa spent a good part of two decades as a record-breaking Olympic champion, hands-on business executive, and seasoned business consultant.


Today, she is one of the most sought-after virtual and in-person keynote speakers and ambassadors for resilience, mindset, high-performance, wellbeing, and sustainable, repeatable success.


"Being ‘elite’ is a choice - it’s an attitude, a mindset, and an ongoing commitment to being your own personal and professional best"

Breaking nearly every bone in her body on the way to winning back-to-back Olympic medals and breaking world records, Alisa is living proof that physical, mental and emotional challenges can be overcome with a firm vision and unwavering commitment, coupled with resilient behaviour, attention to detail, and a burning passion for what you do.


Alisa is an Ambassador and Collaborator who works with industry giants and academics in creating high-performance-, mindset-, and resilience-centered projects, with the intent to propagate evidence-based content and deliver lasting results.

As a contemporary business leader, Alisa Camplin has set strategy and directed transformation for an $800M+ IT service business, led complex sales teams, restructured service delivery divisions to improve customer service with greater profitability, managed large outsourcing clients, implemented systems and processes for greater accountability, increased morale, and reduced employee attrition through cultural change programs and led mature 500+ employee businesses to year on year double-digit growth in flat or declining markets.