Alisa Camplin holds one of her most in-d




Alisa's warm and engaging presence transforms the energy in any room, both in person and online. Prepare to laugh, cry, and feel empowered to become your best self and unlock your ultimate potential as you listen to Alisa's personal journey and practical insights on courage, determination, and resilience. 


Alisa at the 2019 EcoXpert Queenstown Event

Alisa in her home studio doing one of her keynote speeches



The Business of Winning


Creating Success in Sport, Business, & Life


Where to, what's next...It's your choice!


Sustainable Repeat Success? Planning, Preparation, & Performance


Resilience in Action: Managing speed bumps, jumping hurdles, & overcoming adversity


Peak Performance and the importance of Mindset & Wellbeing


"Thank you, Alisa. Your energy and enthusiasm jumped out of the screen and was so well received. We are awe of how you engaged the team today (via telco!) in such a personal and authentic way.


We've had really great feedback and I personally took a lot out of it. The content of your presentation was right on theme for what we needed during these challenging times.  The team had been really flat...this will end the week on a high!"

— Name, Title

— Name, Title

"The ‘real life’ story from Alisa is both inspirational and compelling by nature. The true grit, determination to succeed, personal sacrifice and humanity of her journey were delivered with humour, pathos, and a conviction that resonated deeply with our audience. If the tears and laughter were any indication of how successful her delivery was, then the I guess the long line of those wanting to meet her personally was not surprising. Alisa ticked every box on our wish list "

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"Alisa was the most impressive speaker I have ever engaged at an event. She left the audience in tears and received a standing ovation. Alisa keeps everyone’s interest with her fascinating stories but also her business-like attitude to achieving success appealed to our guests. Alisa shared her journey in a beautifully eloquent manner and left the audience talking about her presentation for days after. Thank you Alisa"