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Each session, your homework (including videos, articles and skills to practise and observe) will be listed here.

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Co-Facilitator Profile

Anthony Ng

anthony ng.jpg

Anthony Ng is an ICF certified leadership coach (PCC), and Facilitator with a professional engineering and management background. He is a Registered Professional Engineer (Civil), graduated with a BEng (Civil) and an MBA at Monash University, and an MA (Christian Studies) at CUHK. He is also a Transcend Professional Coach, MNLP and MBTI Personality Types Step I/II Practitioner.


Anthony has a strong passion and desire to help people to strive for excellence across their careers and personal life. He is both professional and approachable, viewing issues objectively but with a human touch. He strongly believes that once people achieve their personal goals, they will be more ready to contribute to society in a way which is meaningful to them.


Anthony began his career as an engineer. He worked with renowned multinational interdisciplinary engineering consultancies such as TY Lin International Group and Meinhardt Group as a Structural Design and Project Management Consultant. During this time, he also trained and coached clients as a part of his leadership roles. Prior to his commitment as a full time leadership coach, he was the Operation Manager and Executive Coach with Jurong Primewide Ltd, a Semi-Government Civil and General Contractor with headquarters in Singapore.


Anthony has experience coaching clients from diverse background, industries and titles, including Engineers, Accountants, Bankers and NGO leaders. He also delivered communication programs for CPA (Australia) and HKU Space etc. He is a certified Half Time Facilitator, helping people to prepare a road map to achieve their second half with joy, balance and impact. Additionally, he also allocates his time for community service as a Board member, School Manager and Church Leader.


With over thirty years working experience in the corporate environment, Anthony has developed all round experience on project leadership, group facilitation and executive coaching. His clients find him insightful, energetic and supportive, and is well recommended for people who want to enjoy significant achievements and satisfaction across all their life pursuits.

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