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"If I the person am not in a good place, then me the professional cannot consistently rise up and perform."

Alisa at Telstra Enterprise's 2019 International Kickoff Event


"Thank you, Alisa. Your energy and enthusiasm jumped out of the screen and was so well received. We are awe of how you engaged the team today (via telco!) in such a personal and authentic way.


We've had really great feedback and I personally took a lot out of it. The content of your presentation was right on theme for what we needed during these challenging times.  The team had been really flat...this will end the week on a high!"

— Name, Title

— Name, Title

"The ‘real life’ story from Alisa is both inspirational and compelling by nature. The true grit, determination to succeed, personal sacrifice and humanity of her journey were delivered with humour, pathos, and a conviction that resonated deeply with our audience. If the tears and laughter were any indication of how successful her delivery was, then the I guess the long line of those wanting to meet her personally was not surprising. Alisa ticked every box on our wish list "

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"Alisa was the most impressive speaker I have ever engaged at an event. She left the audience in tears and received a standing ovation. Alisa keeps everyone’s interest with her fascinating stories but also her business-like attitude to achieving success appealed to our guests. Alisa shared her journey in a beautifully eloquent manner and left the audience talking about her presentation for days after. Thank you Alisa"


Creating success in any domain, during any period of time, requires a firm vision and unwavering commitment coupled with resilient behaviour, attention to detail and a passion for what you do. As Australia’s first female Winter Olympic Gold Medallist, Alisa Camplin shares the physical, mental and emotional dedication required to first become and then remain the best in the world. 


Renowned for her focus on mental wellbeing and holistic success, as well as using fundamental business principles in order to succeed in sport, Alisa draws from her experiences in the boardroom and executive years with corporate giant IBM, to reveal the mental skills and high-performance techniques that will deliver sustained success in any domain….no matter how tough the environment or how big the opportunities or challenges ahead. 


Working closely with academics, performance psychologists and behavioural scientists, Alisa puts the practical behind the theory and gifts her audience with the actionable ‘hows’ that enable everyone to make small changes that can lead to positive sustainable outcomes. From shifting your mindset to working through adversity, or simply becoming more comfortable with our ever-changing reality, Alisa engages and inspires through her humility, authenticity and deeply personal stories. 


With greater courage and character than you'd ever imagine, be prepared to laugh and cry as you hear the real story behind Alisa Camplin’s unbelievable journey through sport, business and life!

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Alisa intelligently deep-dives into the actionable "hows" of cultivating resilience, high-performance, mental wellbeing, and the achievement of sustainable success in the face of constant change and challenge.


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Alisa is an Ambassador and Collaborator who works with industry giants & academics in creating high-performance-, mindset-, and resilience-centered projects, with the aim to propagate evidence-based content and deliver lasting results.


Alisa shocked the world when she took gold in Freestyle Aerial Skiing at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, having only seen snow for the first time at the age of 19!