Performance Enhancement Programs


A Personal & Professional Development Course

With a practical hands on approach, Alisa Camplin’s highly coveted Training and Development Program GROWTH, helps individuals, teams and organisations to find clarity in their pursuits, to implement and hold themselves accountable to a plan, and develop the tools, techniques and mindset required to navigate the ups and downs of achieving and sustaining success in a high performance business environment and in life.


Alisa Camplin
Goal Planning Workshop

Achieve is an outcome oriented and results driven workshop, designed specifically for those who are motivated and determined to achieve their goals, but need further guidance, tools and techniques to push through their challenges to achieve a higher level of success.


A High Performers Workshop

Be Elite is designed for high performers who strive to achieve a “worlds best” standard in their chosen field, or for those who may have plateaued at their current level and know that they are capable of much more. Tried and tested, Be Elite creates a safe environment in which to learn and experience that last 10% of what it takes to become and remain truly elite.


A Resilience 

Inner Strength empowers and arms participants with the practical skills and inner strength required to both face and overcome adversity in all areas of life.  With an emphasis on mindset and managing the controllables, Inner Strength teaches resilience as a skill that allows participants to minimise distractions, navigate challenges and stay focused on what’s most important to them.