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Thank You Tokyo - You've Given Us the Unity, Focus and Hope We Needed

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The Olympic Games aren't even over yet, but I just have to express my overwhelming sense of gratitude to Tokyo 2020 and to Japan as the nation! What you have given to the world over the last few weeks has been remarkable. It was what the world needed and you are uniting people and communities across the world, like so few other things could have done right now.

To the athletes both Australian and International - thank you for your uplifting and inspiring influence on my family! You have acted as such powerful, positive role models in sharing your journeys, with all your trials and tribulations worn on your sleeves. We've cheered for you, listened to your graciousness, felt empathy when you've shown vulnerability and sat in awe of your courage. There has been so many tears of joy watching dreams come true, all to the back drop of beautiful Tokyo!

Our 7Olympics coverage (with so many great interviews) and commentary has been insightful, fair, joyous and informative. You have answered all my children's questions as they've hung off your every word with their eyes wide and open mouths.

I speak from personal experience, knowing the impact that the Olympic Games had on me as an impressionable young Australian child. I sat way too close to the tv, cheering on the likes of Debbie Flintoff King, Duncan Armstrong and Raylene Boyle - each of them building my sense of 'green and gold' national pride and my optimism for what Australia could take to the world. I was also inspired by international superstars like Mary Lou Retton (84'), Janet Evans (88/92') and underdog pocket rocket Tara Lapinsky (98') - whose excellence and passion transcended any international allegiance and simply commanded my respect. The Olympic athletes of yesteryear planted the seed for my dreams and fuelled my will to not give up when times got tough. It is role models like that, and the coaches, medical staff, administrators and volunteers that surround sport, who have helped me find the best in myself as an athlete and a person, and the values of fair sporting competition that have shaped and underpinned my life and career to date.

I could not be more thankful to the organisers and the people of Japan. We know it has been hard but please do not underestimate the value of these Olympics you have held in 2021 - the world is indebted to you. Thank you for already delivering on what you set out to achieve...showing us that we can be 'faster higher stronger' when we come together.

As a parent, I am overjoyed for this deeply positive influence on my children, and for all children around the world. This will help them dream, put fire in their belly's, propel them forward, encourage them to try, to get up when they fall and to discover new passions. They have felt the magic of sport, of sportsmanship, national pride and international harmony. They have watched and listened to some truly amazing human beings and witnessed the world uniting around a common goal. Nothing I could have said as a parent over the last few weeks could have had this same impact!

Who knows what in the world our children might now be inspired to become, and how they may work together across the world to achieve greatness together.

Thank you Tokyo 2020

- Alisa Camplin (02/06')


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