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Choosing a Different "Build Up" to Christmas

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

From what I'm hearing, everyone is "exhausted", "overrun" and "freaking out" in the run up to Christmas. But it doesn't have to be that way - so I'm just sharing right now, that I AM REFUSING these options :)

Between organising Christmas presents, coordinating social catchups, hitting client deadlines, packing up the family for our upcoming trip and and still managing all things that come with being the COO of our household... I'm going to bed early whenever I can, rejuvenating myself with what feels right in the moment, prioritising aggressively, compartmentalising tasks and choosing to keep my head and heart in check.

Not everything has to happen in December, so I'm pushing whatever I can into January. Not everything I want to get or happen is actually a need, so I'm simplifying. Not everything is a big deal and not everything requires my attendance.

Rather my energy needs replenishing through regular small breaks and my soul needs nourishing through lots of small joys! I'm choosing a different kind of build up to Christmas this year, and that will be my gift to myself!


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