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10 Questions to Help You 'Course Correct'

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

It's easy to let our thoughts run away and even spiral out of control sometimes - especially if they're negative ones! Unhelpful internal narratives can shut us down, cloud our judgement, hamper our creativity, and negatively impact our sense of physical and mental wellbeing!

When we're experiencing these negative thought spirals, it can be hard to know how to break the cycle and what we can say, do, or think in order to course correct.

I like to start with 10 slow calm deep breathes, and then I use these ten go-to questions to help me to check in with myself, dispute limiting thoughts and move forward with a more positive problem solving mindset. Give them a go, they might help you too!

1. Am I working with facts or fiction right now?

2. What is the evidence to support my thoughts or beliefs?

3. Are my reactions proportional to the situation?

4. Is this situation permanent and does it really matter in the grand scheme?

5. Am I focused on what I can control (including my response to what I can't control)

6. Do I have alternative options and what are they?

7. Could someone help me with this?

8. Is the way I’m thinking motivating me or hurting me right now?

9. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

10. What can I accept and what can I simply put down or leave behind in order to move forward?

I'm sure there are many more brilliant questions, prompts or techniques out there, so please let me know: what do you do to 'course correct'?


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