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Connectedness as a Strength in 2022

The holiday season provided many opportunities to connect with other people in our life, as well as the chance to slow down and check in with ourselves - particularly in relation to how we feel about our relationships with others.

When connectedness presents as a strength for you, you're more likely to ask for help when you need it, you'll have multiple support groups and you are probably an effective communicator.

However, if you feel isolated or lonely, or you feel disconnected from others, despite proximity and you have apprehensions about building deeper relationships, then you may want to consider actively practising and investing in your connectedness in 2022.

There are plenty of ways you can proactively improve your sense of connectedness, try these:

1. Give others your time! It's the biggest gift you can give someone, so make it a priority to spend time with those in your inner circle. Invest more in the quality people you already have around you and in your life.

2. Be present! If you’re at dinner or in a meeting with someone and your phone is out, even if it’s just on the table, research has shown that it creates a distance between you and the other person. Even if you don’t get distracted by your phone, there’s the perception that you could be at any moment. Connect fully with your eyes and attention and give your warmth to the people you are with.

3. Be curious! Ask questions of people and show your interest. Investigate other people’s experiences and perspectives openly and with kindness. Remember, there’s a difference between listening and making someone feel as though they’ve been heard.

4. Connect through activities! If you want to create more opportunities to be with other people or get to know others better, then suggest a shared activity. From a walk and talk in a new location, to attending an event together, connecting with others around a common interest can make conversation easier. Trying something new with an old friend or invite a new friend to do something you already love.

5. Be you! No need to second guess yourself, build friendships and support one interaction at a time.

Humans are social beings and we all want to feel connected. So add a few more small ways to connect more regularly and deeply with others to your life in 2022, and enjoy more joy, resilience and wellbeing.


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