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Make Someone Else's Day

Particularly while I was in lockdown, I really struggled to find ways to boost my mood - I knew all the science, to look for the good, to focus on what I could control, etc, but in reality, some days it just wasn't quite enough.

Then I had the realisation "maybe it's not about me today, maybe it's more about what I can do for someone else".

As soon as I started looking for ways to be the good in someone else's day, whether it was through dropping someone a text, giving a compliment, spending an extra 2min of my time to chat or listen, offering support or helping to unlock somebodies sense of purpose and mindset completely flipped.

For me, I gained a sense of excitement about finding ways to bring joy and positivity to others, and that completely re-energised and further motivated me.

Give it a try, ask yourself "how can I be a beacon of hope, purpose or joy in someone else's day today?"

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