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How do you slow things down, find time or create space when you need it?

Being skilled to slow time, pause, collect yourself or ask for a moment in a work context - especially when tensions are running high - is an incredibly powerful and valuable asset.

So before you end up in a difficult situation, where you feel overwhelmed or things aren't going well, spend time brainstorming different ways to create a break, ask for a pause, or suggest reconvening. This way, when you're in those moments, you'll feel confident and ready to ask for what you (and probably others) need.

Here are some examples I always have up my sleeve:

* When you can't leave or interrupt a meeting: physically shifting your body position in your chair to re-own your space, wiggle your toes, clench/relax your fist 10 times, straighten your posture, breath deeply.

* When you can leave or pause a meeting: suggest "Let's all take a 10 minute breather - hit the bathroom, grab a snack/drink, decompress and come back fresh."

* When you can (and need) to stop a meeting: try "Why don't we stop the meeting here for today - we will be more productive if we come back tomorrow after more reflection time and a good nights sleep. Let's return to this, each bringing one new idea to contribute".


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