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5 Ways to Minimise Distractions & Maximise Productivity

A client recently asked how I stayed focused & in the zone at the top of the ski jump. To be honest, it took some trial & error to find the best distraction control techniques that worked for me. Not surprisingly though, they work just as well today in the office as they did at the Olympics.

After months working from home, I've had to consciously put on “my blinkers” & actively use these techniques now I'm back in a busy, noisy & interruption filled office environment. I recently read research that showed distractions happen 64% more often in an open office environment, so that motivated me to prepare!

Here are my tips for avoiding distractions & maximising productivity…let me know in the comments below what helps you?

1. Find a discrete work location or wear headphones so you don’t hear or feel tempted to join others conversations

2. Put your phone out of sight (eg: in a drawer or bag) to break the habit of reaching for it

3. Turn off notifications so you don't get side-tracked by alerts, texts or your inbox

4. Focus on one task at a time and get it done! Stop multi-tasking – it’s proven that switching between tasks reduces productivity

5. Use a re-focusing cue such as “Come back to task - focus Alisa”


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