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To Manage Change, Decide What's Important

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

When you're facing significant changes and still trying to keep all your existing 'balls in the air', you're effectively giving everything in your life the same level of importance. And when everything is important, then nothing truly is!

I had this stark realisation when I recently moved my family to Singapore. I was trying to keep everything from my old life going - all while packing down, setting up, transitioning the family, maintaining my business interests and all to an A+ standard. But in reality, it simply wasn't possible.

I had to make hard choices and determine what was most important, if I was going to stay sane and relatively in control. Yes - some things required my short term urgency, but not everything needed deep thought, extra time or my normal level of quality. Then there were the simply non-negotiables and the many 'nice to haves', but I couldn't have everything all at once. I had to prioritise, make choices and then apportion my time and energy accordingly.

It's not rocket science, but having a list of priorities gave me clarity and focus. It helped me not feel overwhelmed or burdened by unrealistic expectations, and ensured that the reality of each day was closer to what I needed/wanted it to be. Determining my priorities also gave me power over my perspective, and ensured that the change we were going through was both manageable and successful for all the right reasons!


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