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We Can Do Hard Things

I’ve often said, when giving a keynote speech, that I’m so glad my time in sport was so difficult, because that’s what helped prepare me for ‘real life’.

In sport, I battled through serious financial insecurity, endured lack of support and fierce competition, overcame countless injuries and learnt how to handle the stress and pressure that comes with chasing down and then defending an Olympic dream. In life, I have lost a child, been pushed to my limits (mentally, physically and emotionally), fought for what’s right, changed careers, and most recently moved countries with my young family for the second time.

I've also watched and supported others through hard things, whether it's been preparing for their own Olympics, navigating their own personal and professional challenges, or finding deep courage to step up and create genuine change.

What we all forget from time to time, is that life IS hard, and it's scientifically human to feel overwhelmed and fatigued when working through hardship. We can’t avoid hard (it’s a normal part of life) and nor should we try to, as it’s actually through introspection and facing our challenges that we grow, evolve our values and our refine what is most important to us.

All of us have war stories and scars, but we also have silver linings and very rich experiences, that have shaped who we are today. We have done hard before and we can do hard again. Each of us are stronger and more resilient than we know!


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