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Take 2022's progress forward!

With the new year now underway, I've heard a lot of mixed reactions about "saying goodbye" to 2022. Some people were incredibly eager to put 2022 in the Covid-era bin and see the backend of it, and others felt uplifted by their 2022 journey and felt positive momentum and optimism as 2023 started.

Either which way you feel about last year, take the time to pause and consider the progress you've made in the last 12months, and be sure to bring that forward with you! Not just the obvious gains, but your efforts, actions and learnings too!!

It's way too easy to be negative or to forget all the little tweeks and changes you made, the friendships that grew and the suble shifts that occured in your work and/or home life. Don't forget that you said no to a few things and yes to others, you set boundaries, determined priorities, experienced pockets of joy and made choices - so you want to remember these experiences and then build on them.

When I look back to this time last year...I have come so far! I finished key client projects proudly, learned some home truths the hard way, helped people achieve their goals, got back on stage (keynote singing happening here), I made some new friends, assisted our Australian 2022 Olympic Winter Team, enjoyed some aha moments, taken great parenting leaps with my children, and I now have a daily hour of fitness locked into my lifestyle. Thats a lot of goodness and I'm only just scratching the surface.

What are the big, and small, good things that you should acknowledge from the last 12 months? It's absolutely key that we recognise the goodness in our lives, and celebrate our progress, as we keep on looking (& moving) forward!


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