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Your New Year - So What?

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Are you a "New year, New opportunities" kind of person OR a "New year, Same crap" person? What do you want to be???

I've always been excited about the blank canvas, the fresh start, and the possibilities and opportunities that lie in the unknown that is ahead. But I also deliberately make space and take action, that allows for new things to happen, or for my wants and needs to unfold. If you are worried about the crap of the past following you into the new year, then try to change a few things. If you stick with the status quo, then similar will follow you.

To get different, you have to do a little different. I suggest tweaking your lifestyle habits, not trying to overhaul. Don't write long wish lists or dream of utopia. Just pick one thing you want to be different in 2023, and just focus on that. Don't look for quick wins or silver bullets, instead take a slow and steady approach. Begin by asking, "who can help me with this?" and then arrange to chat with them about it. On your own, or with their help, next identify the one thing you can start doing that will help you create small change, and one thing you can stop doing that would also help. You don't want to overcomplicate everything, or make it too big or too hard, just begin with simple shifts and keep doing them - daily, weekly, monthly. Consistent effort is the key!

My one thing I want to be different in 2023 is to get physically fit again. I've been speaking with my best friend and I just want to feel stronger, invest in my longer term health and to prioritise myself. So I'm going to insert a daily 1hr space in my calendar everyday to walk or do the online yoga app I bought last year. No big marathons or weight goals, I'm just creating space in the diary to do easy movement that will enable a sustainable lifestyle change. I know from past attempts, where the best time slot in my day is to ensure success, and I'm now setting up the rest of the day around it. That time slot is going to be protected, it is now sacred time for me to do something really important to me, for me.

So what? Well, I matter, and this is how I'm going to demonstrate that to myself everyday from here on in. What are you going to do for yourself in 2023?


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