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The Power of a Single Choice!

I loved that movie Sliding Doors growing up. The notion that life can go in very different directions, following a choice, decision or random event that occurs in a single moment. It's funny how often we just let this happen - 'fate' as we might call it - without stepping in and making choices that will actually direct an outcome we want, or would prefer.

Today I started my day a little forlorn, and that's not normal for me, so I reflected. As it happens, I didn't have anything inspiring on my agenda, or any great sense of urgency to complete something important. It was just an ordinary day, and I knew that I could very easily just flop through it, and probably get distracted along the way. Now I'm all in for a slow kind of day, they can be very rejuvinating and a little organising and consolidating feels great! Yet, today I wasn't relishing the slow day.

THEN, it occured to me, that I could go out, take half a day off, do something social or fun. That if I worked with focus and vigour, blinkers on from all distractions, that I could get out of the house and do one of the things I always like to do but never justify (like visit a gallery, read a book in the sun, go shopping, have coffee with a friend, or invest in some pampering). And with this realisation, I instantly became invigorated and purposeful.

When I contrast how my day was likely going to go, and my decision to choose a better option, I now feel more in control, powerful and joyous about my life. What an important reminder - that we shouldn't / don't have to let life just slide along - we can choose to open different doors and shake things up in big and small ways, ALOT more often!


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