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My #IWD2023 inspired goal

I will #EmbraceEquity by asking others more often, "what are your thoughts and what matters to you", when participating in discussions. In doing so, I will actively lean into anyone in the room who maybe in a minority position (including gender, age, race, sexuality, disability, opportunity or other) and open space for more equitable contribution. I will also ask "who else should be in this room, whose inputs and views we should be seeking and inviting into these conversations." I am committed to this goal.

Not everyone has the opportunity to be in the room, or has the platform or courage to make their needs, ideas, concerns or voices heard. BUT, we will all create better outcomes, if we invite more diverse people and voices into our conversations, and then really listen!

I want to make sure that I keep creating/refining personal habits and behaviours that will enable tangible positive change in the environments that I live and work. I'm a 'can-do' person, so breaking down ideas into practical tools or actions that can be practised daily, helps me grow and take steps forward.

I hope you too can identify and commit to something - big or small - that will make a difference to others! What will you do?


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