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Tips to Improve Your Outlook: Build Your Self Belief

We are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for! Yet when we're feeling confined by the four walls of our home, or heavily restricted in a daily lives, this becomes much harder to believe and leverage.

Fortunately, it is incredibly easy to develop, grow and build our sense of self belief; to tap into our abilities to positively impact the world around us and grow our evidence base for self belief!

Try practising the What Went Well and Why exercise every evening - simply write down (or share with someone else) what went well in your day, and then add three things that you did that helped bring about that positive outcome. This process helps you more fully realise that you have more control over and positive impact on things happening in your day, and that your actions and decisions helped such achievements come to be!

Not only does this exercise help you appreciate your own strengths and efforts, but it enables you to identify things that work, that you can repeat again in the future. You'll also benefit from an additional positive wiring in your brain as you relieve the positive experience, as well as feel positive emotions.

These are the small moments were we should celebrate, acknowledge our capabilities and give ourselves a little credit.

It's a total win-win exercise!


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