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Cultivating curiosity for greater purpose

To achieve big or small goals, be successful in anything, to master a skill/craft or to progress in career and life, we need to be more curious about how and why things work. For example, asking ourselves why something played out the way it did - reflecting on our role, the role of others and the environments around us, to gain a deeper understanding of each element’s impact on an outcome or situation that transpired.

To unlock answers or new possibilities, we need to observe more intensely and pull things apart with enquiry. By using questions like: I wonder why, what if, would this change that, and pondering different scenarios and exploring the unknowns, we can discover more within us and around us. Having a curious mindset and being insatiable in your desire to understand, improve, learn and grow will bring greater purpose to your pursuits and significantly enrichen the journey — no matter what you want to achieve.

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