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Emotions: Name Them to Tame Them

The "Name It To Tame It" phrase comes from science - Dr Dan Siegel, an expert in psychiatry - and it simply means that if you can correctly label an emotion, you'll be better placed to process and move forward from it.

When emotions rise up within you, try to honestly explore those feelings and seek to uncover what sits within or behind them. I often look at a list of emotions to help me be specific and identify exactly what I'm feeling.

For example, on the surface you may be feeling angry or agitated, but after reflection and taking stock of your emotions with a little impartiality, you might actually discover that you’re feeling despondent, embarrassed or exposed.

The more specific you can be with labelling, the better equipped you’ll be to regulate the emotions at hand and use those insights to create a roadmap forward.


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