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Greatness Occurs Beyond Your Comfort Zone!

In business, new ideas or new ways of working, help organisations reach greater heights, but this can't be done without the courage to push beyond comfort zones.

Employees need to be given the opportunity to explore, to take strategic risks, and then learn from mistakes to go beyond the status quo. Those workplaces that foster curiosity and promote a safe learning and growing culture, will unlock more innovation.

My time as an Olympic athlete taught me the importance of pushing myself. The first step was letting go of judgement, perfectionism and a fear of failure so I could firstly lay the foundations and then reap the benefits of both incremental and significant improvement.

My tip: get mentally prepared for the fear, vulnerability and discomfort ahead, to avoid running back to you comfort zone when things get tough. Instead tell yourself "this discomfort is normal, I expected it. If I’m uncomfortable, it’s a sign I’m heading in the right direction and I should stick with it".

So go on, get outside your comfort zone! Use my Performance Starter Kit to help, keep taking small steps forward, and I'll be right here cheering you on!


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