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Hone In On Your Impulse Control!

We all face situations that test our ability to control our impulses, and the holiday season can certainly exasperate that!

Think online shopping temptations, trying to close out work projects before taking leave, competing social demands, buying gifts, over indulging in food/drinks and of course family dynamics.

My tip: Identify three things that are likely to "trigger" you to act in a quick impulsive way, and then brainstorm how you can proactively mitigate these impulses in advance of the situations occurring, or at least "respond" in a way that is less damaging and more controlled. Next consider sharing your awareness and plan with someone who can support you with this, as it will heighten your chances of success and help motivate them to be more ready to be resilient over the holidays too.

With some simple 'trigger and response' planning, you can get ahead of the tricky things and be more ready to lead yourself into a calm and successful silly season!


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