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How do elite performers train and achieve goals?

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

With deliberate practise!

Athletes don't just go out and run, or jump or throw. You don't just turn up to a client meeting and wing it. You must have a focus, something you want to achieve.

Elite athletes train with deliberate focus, which means having clarity about what needs to be achieved in that training session, and know specifically how that is going to be practised.

There will be a new process being tested, a skill acquisition or modification implemented, or perhaps better self-talk being honed — and that will be the single item focused on. Try, review, repeat — over and over again, all week.

All other elements will remain normal. There is no appraisal or judgment on the overall performance, just curiosity about the impact of that one change after multiple efforts.

How does it feel? Did it get easier with each effort? What was the impact? It is trial and error, a constant process of learning and reflecting.

Elite performers and masters of their field, are not looking for quick wins or silver bullets. Their approach is methodical and in pursuit of tangible quality improvement. They are building and strengthening their foundations for success.

If you are trying to make an improvement or achieve a goal, then break it down and be very deliberate in your practise. Put yourself into training mode and heighten your awareness. Start by practising in simple controlled environments and then over time introduce more complexity. Don't be desperate for quick results, be patient.

It is small deliberate steps that will lead you to great improvements!


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