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Mental health must become one of Australia's greatest strengths!

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Sadly, most Australians have not been taught enough evidenced-based resilience skills or mental health prevention and wellbeing techniques to navigate current day life. Reported rates of stress, anxiety and depression are at alarming levels!

Former national mental health commissioner Ian Hickie predicts the COVID19 crisis could lead to a 25% spike in suicide rates if unemployment reaches 11%, and says more is necessary to efficiently prevent an impending mental health catastrophe.

We’re all born with some natural resilience, and then we acquire skills through our life experiences that help us to cope and adapt as we go. Fortunately we can increase people’s sense of control and their ability to respond more constructively to situations, by teaching them practical resilience techniques and then supporting their regular practise!

Australia needs to drastically lift its standards and become a global front runner in successfully addressing and investing in mental health prevention, mental skills training and wellbeing! We need stronger conversations, clear goals and broader accountability. Only then can we truly have a sustainable 'lucky country' that's ready to take on all the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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