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What's the Secret to Embracing Change?

It's knowing that change is both constant and inevitable, and feeling comfortable in the discomfort when you're expecting and then experiencing it. Change isn't just a one-off experience, and we certainly can't healthily avoid it, resist it or endure it - we need to work with change!

Over the last few months, I've watched my kids daily life change so often, and quite honestly I've been in awe at how unfazed they've become in adapting! After 12 months of life with COVID, they are so open to being flexible and pivoting whenever required. Because constant change is their normal now - they take it in their stride, without question or complaint - and that's a skill that it can take adults years to develop!

When I watch them 'shift gears' without emotional turmoil, I feel both proud and extremely hopeful that they'll hold on to this mindset as they grow up, and hopefully push outside their comfort zones as they chase goals in both the personal and professional lives.

How about you... are you more open to embracing change now?


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