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Transcending technical barriers to communicate with Impact

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I speak to people every day, it’s my job. But creating impact when you speak is a higher level of mastery than can be achieved with skill and practise. With my experience as a Resilience and Human Performance Keynote Speaker, I know the power that a personal story holds on stage.

Every audience wants to be engaged, to relate and connect at a human level while also being helped in a tangible way. Every audience member gives their time and trust, and I respect and take on the responsibility of not wasting that time. If I can leave everyone who hears me speak with at least 2-3 valuable and easily implementable takeaways, then I have done my job. I take my job very seriously and I love it!

Creating positive impact goes beyond technology. No matter who you are or what you do, when communicating digitally, try expressing gratitude, using empathy, showing curiosity, listening mindfully and taking the time to understand the needs of your audience (in advance and in the moment). These emotional intelligence and resiliency skills will go a long way in helping your communication be more meaningful and effective.

I definitely miss the magic of the big stage right now. But thankfully going digital was an easy adaption for me, and I’ve found so many new ways to connect with my audiences. Life is relentless and complex right now, and people are tired. They need energy, hope and the belief that better is possible for them. They want pathways towards solutions, and to feel understood and supported along the way.

Giving people simple tools, techniques and those small practical ‘how to’ steps to build their resilience and achieve things that are important to them, is both my focus and passion. I’m really open about sharing my life and experiences, because my journey has always been full of highs and lows as well as great opportunities and challenges. I like to normalise the rollercoaster we all experience and to demonstrate the power of resilience in elevating wellbeing and sustaining higher performance.

By transcending physical barriers and connecting more deeply with people, we have the chance to inspire them, to lift them up so they can aspire to even greater heights. No matter who you are or who you are communicating with, this is a gift you have the power to give - don’t waste it!

If you’re interested to see my most in-demand virtual keynote speech topics - click here - or reach out if you’d like to discuss your next event.

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