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Why Do You Want Self-Efficacy?

If you aren't acquainted, Self-Efficacy is 'kind of' the more powerful sibling of Self-Esteem. It's our belief in our own ability to handle what comes our way. It's using our skills and strengths to complete tasks successfully, to navigate challenges and be effective in the world. Self-Efficacy is having belief in yourself and your ongoing ability to learn and grow, and these positive self-perceptions help direct how we perceive and then respond to different life situations.

One of my favourite resilience workshop activities, is to ask clients to reflect on a time when they had a big win or achieved a goal - and then identify what factors were in place (either planned or unplanned) and what actions they took that helped drive the positive outcome. This helps us to build our self-efficacy evidence bank, reminding us that we have achieved great things in the past and that we are capable of doing so again. Better still, it helps us identify which thoughts, skills and actions (in advance and in the moment) helped us direct things to go well, so we can re-use them for more success in the future.


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